The new TBIB Travel Insurance Policy can be purchased online and is available as either Annual Multi-Trip or Single-Trip Insurance.

Click here to apply for TBIB Travel insurance.

Features Include;

  • Cover for individuals, couples, or families
  • Choose multi-trip or single trip cover – you can opt in or out of travel to the US and Canada for a premium saving.
  • Annual multi-trip policy automatically includes cruising and on-piste snow-sports
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses and emergency assistance, including Covid illness
  • Cover for Travellers up to age 90
  • Cancellation fees and loss of deposits up to $20,000 – up to $10,000 for travellers age 81 and over
  • Baggage and personal effects cover up to $20,000 – $10,000 for Australia only policies
  • Option to include Covid cancellation cover – up to $2,500 per traveller
  • Hire car excess up to $5,000
  • Available to travellers up to age 90
  • Generous automatic cover for many pre-existing conditions 
  • Brief online medical screening to cover additional pre-existing conditions
  • 24-hour emergency assist
  • Personal claims assistance, 24/7 based right here in Australia

For full explanation of features and benefits please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Covid-19 Cover Benefits

* Covid-19 Cover Benefits *

  • Overseas Medical Expenses incurred as a result of contracting COVID19 while overseas – UNLIMITED
  • Repatriation required as a result of contracting COVID19 while overseas – UNLIMITED
  • Additional Expenses incurred as a result of contracting COVID19 while overseas such as, additional travel and accommodation expenses – up to $100,000**

** Conditions apply please see page 6, section 2 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Under Section 2 – Overseas Medical Cover Expenses, the TBIB Travel Insurance Policy provides cover for medical costs incurred overseas as the result of a COVID19 related illness (when contracted during your journey)

This coverage extends to include emergency medical, surgical and hospital treatment and the cost of repatriation.

Other benefits included under the Overseas Medical Expenses Cover include, (c). additional travel and accommodation expenses (comparable with your pre-booked travel and accommodation) in circumstances where it is not medically necessary for you to return home but where you are certified medically unfit to travel and/or continue your trip as originally planned.

Such costs must be additional and where your illness/injury causes you to lose the benefit of prepaid accommodation elsewhere.

The maximum benefit payable under this benefit is $100,000 when overseas and $25,000 when traveling within Australia.

This benefit applies on the condition that the COVID19 disease is acquired overseas,

*Please refer to the PDS for full coverage details.

Apply online - no doctors’ reports - immediate cover

The TBIB Travel Insurance Policy provides a completely online application,

Applicants can get a quote and arrange cover in minutes.

Pre-existing conditions can be covered subject to a brief online assessment. There is no requirement for medicals or doctors reports.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The TBIB Members Travel Insurance Policy has been developed to uniquely serve leisure travellers of all ages.  The TBIB Travel Insurance Policy provides for Members to obtain coverage relating to their pre-existing medical conditions. The definition of ‘pre-existing medical conditions’ as it applies to the Policy is explained in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), and we have summarised this below.

The TBIB Travel Insurance Policy PDS states that a Pre-existing Medical Condition means a medical or dental condition of which you were aware:

  1. Prior to the time of the policy being issued:
    • you have not yet sought a medical opinion regarding the cause; or
    • are currently under investigation to define a diagnosis; or
    • are awaiting specialist opinion, OR,
  2. Prior to the time of the policy being issued that involves:
    • surgery involving any joints, the back, spine, brain or abdomen requiring at least an overnight stay in hospital
    • your heart, brain, circulatory system/blood vessels; or
    • your lung or chronic airways disease; or
    • cancer; or
    • back pain requiring prescribed pain relief medication; or
    • diabetes mellitus (Type 1 or Type 2); OR,
  3. In the 24 months prior to the time of the policy being issued:
    • for which you have been in hospital or emergency department or day surgery; or
    • for which you have been prescribed a new medication or had a change to your medication regime; or
    • requiring prescription pain relief medication; OR,
  4. Prior to the time of the policy being issued that is:
    • pregnancy; or
    • connected with your current pregnancy or participation in an IVF program.

The TBIB  Travel Insurance Policy allows you to apply for cover for pre-existing medical conditions or to exclude them for a premium saving.

We will always recommend that if available, you include cover for your declared pre-existing conditions.